Solving "phantom inverters" trouble

Solving "phantom inverters" trouble

Dear Distributor/ Installer/ customer,

One problem that has arisen in some plants is that the Logger (1000 / 3000) keeps adding devices on its own. These devices can be phantom inverters which never display as connected because they do not exist. Although they can be deleted,  they continue being added in the device list. 

In order to solve this problem, two steps have to be applied:

      1. Upgrade Firmware to the newest version
                        A working instruction explaining how to do it is attached. 

      2. Access the "Remote control" of your Logger and press "System" and then "More". There you have to disable the "Auto online" option. 

Once the two steps have been applied, the trouble will be solved.

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    New Custom Service Portal!!!

    Dear client,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    Please note that we have already implemented the new service system, GSP, from 28.06.2021. Please create the tickets for your service cases at Sungrow Global Service Platform from now on. In this GSP system, you can create the tickets by yourself by creating a new account there, and update ticket information, track tickets status, or communicate with us more easily. Your previously open tickets will still be processed in the Zoho system until they are closed.

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